Shoes and Office Dress Code

Shoes and Office Dress Code: How Alice X Global May Have the Answer


Office dress code has been under the spotlight since Coronation Street actress, Nicola Thorp, was sacked for refusing to wear high heels whilst working in a temporary receptionist’s role at Pricewaterhouse Coopers in London.


Now that Nicola has a life on the cobbles as character Nicola Rubinstein, she’s able to wear whatever the wardrobe department provide, but her petition and appearance before a Parliamentary Select Committee, not only received 150,000 signatures demanding a change to office dress code laws, but also changed the way employers view their female workers’ footwear.


Having said that, there are certain industries in which high heels are still expected – hospitality, retail and airline environments being just three in which employers believe sexier footwear is important.  But what other options than painful stilettos are there, if a woman wants to look good in her shoes and express her personality, as well as panache? Believe it or not, the luxury espadrille could be one of the answers for 2018.


Whilst Yves Saint Laurent gave the espadrille a wedged heel in the 1960s, and film stars like Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly and Lauren Bacall, all demonstrated a love of espadrilles in the movie days of old, there has been somewhat of a revolution in the world of espadrilles thanks to new brand, Alice X Global.


This comes in the form of sophisticated premium leather upper, on top of the traditional rope-jute sole that has distinguished the espadrille for centuries.  However, it goes much further than this.  The leather used in Alice X Global shoes is a five-panel affair, combining five different shades of leather within one shoe.  This gives a unique look to these espadrilles, which cannot fail to catch the eye, regardless of which of six different espadrille options you choose.


So why has nobody thought of this before?  The answer lies in the fact that it is extremely hard to dye hides in different colours and create shoes from each differently-coloured hide.  It is also expensive to do and most shoe manufacturers just wouldn’t bother.


But that’s where Alice X Global is different.  The brand was founded on the basis of a vision to bring colour to the streets of London and beyond and this led to a worldwide search for a leather supplier that would work with the brand, to create a wholly unique espadrille.  Eventually, Alice X Global found their supplier and the rest is history. 


Thanks to the campaigning of Nicola Thorp, we hope to see many Alice X Global shoes worn in the workplace this year, with their wedge heel being a compromise between a high heel and a ballerina flat.  Whether the office worker goes for a sophisticated Cabo (navy and grey tones) or Bora (teal and navy hues), a can-I-get-away-with-a-bit-of-colour choice of Mahe or Moyo, or the colour-splash options of gelato-inspired Cala or festival-evoking Rico, ladies everywhere might just be thanking Nicola for what she did to shake up shoes in the world of work.

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