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There’s no getting away from it, denim is going to be huge in 2019…and you can forget double denim, take things to a new level with our new FUJI design and wear five indigo shades all in one shoe.

Inspired by Japanese denim boro…a traditional patchwork style, boro grew out of necessity as opposed to aesthetics. Meaning “ragged” or “tattered,” the boro style was favored by nineteenth and early twentieth-century rural Japanese. Cotton was not common in Japan until well into the twentieth century, so when a kimono or sleeping futon cover started to run thin in a certain area, the family patched it with a small piece of scrap fabric using sashiko stitching. Over generations of families, these textiles would acquire more and more patches, almost to the point of the common observer being unable to recognize where the original fabric began.

Well we haven’t gone quite that far, but we have designed a shoe that’s easy to wear and super stylish. Wear with jeans, shorts or a sensational summer dress, these are the perfect pair to wear all summer long!

Super soft leather upper

- Comfort cushion insole

- Fully leather lined 

- Natural braided rope sole

- Rubber outsole

FUJI: Five shades of indigo

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